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Friday, April 27, 2012

Be sure to check out our Facebook, and Google Plus pages, as we show and discuss some of our stone options, some of which are shown in the image above, along with some of the team here at A&A Granite. We talk about the look, the feel, the elegance, the classic, and the general ways a stone may work for a particular style. We recommend uses for each stone we post, so be sure, if you are looking to do some enhancements to your home, office, or any project you may have stone in mind for, to like us on these outlets, and follow the posts.
Soon to be arriving: videos! We will let you know when our videos start getting shot, and posted to Youtube, so you can check us out there, as well. The videos will show some of the manufacturing processes, they might show a kitchen countertop install, bathroom countertop install, they may show different stones, they may talk about stone quality, longevity, ease of maintenance, we don't even know what we might say. Once they start getting done and posted, we'll let you know so you can find out, too! As always, be sure to stop by the website, at A&A Granite and Limestone for more information!

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  1. I've found that granite counters are typically one of the easiest natural stone materials to maintain and maintenance. Thanks for your post, looking forward to any videos you might have.

  2. Thanks, JS! As soon as we get the first video shot, we will definitely post the link, so stay tuned!